Technica’s October Recap

By Technica Staff

  • The Technicast for October was our first edition of Technica Tips. Check out some of Technica’s best tips for training new editors.
  • Here is a recap of the ISMTE local meeting from September 8, 2017. Our very own Ashlie Carlson was one of the presenters.
  • Technica Editorial helped to celebrate National Chemistry Week from October 22-28. To learn more about National Chemistry Week, click here.
  • In honor of the occasion, Technica teamed up with local artist Mayday to release The Science Rap. Check it out below:

  • To keep with the theme of “Chemistry Rocks!”, honorary Technica team members Danny and Joseph showed us all how to make stalactites and stalagmites.

  • And we capped off the month by getting to know Technica team member Drew Martin.

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