A Pearl of an App: How Oyster is Cracking Open eBooks

Not too long ago, a friend of mine recommended a book that she thought maybe I might like – “maybe” and “might” being the operative words here. So it was to my consternation that upon logging in to my iBooks account, I discovered this “maybe” new favorite book of mine ...

Nimble Abstracts Best Inform a Variety of Media Consumers

Abstracts are the most read section of any manuscript, and they can decide readers’ stances on your manuscript before they even read your Introduction. Thinking of your abstract as a marketing tool for your manuscript can be daunting. Not only is this important bit of text a self-contained description of ...

The Top 10 Reasons Acceptance Is Delayed

You, a prospective author, open your inbox eager to receive that long-awaited acceptance email, only to find a request for additional revisions from the editorial office. Waiting to hear from a journal office about your manuscript can be a grueling experience; the last thing you want after meticulously revising your ...

A Professor’s Guide to Better Scholarly Writing and Manuscript Preparation: Why Simplicity is Always the Best Option

Sitting down to write a scholarly research paper can be a bit of a challenge. Take it from someone who is currently working on his first research paper since Undergrad and is dreading an eventual dissertation. I tried to get some advice from someone who knows a thing or two ...